Flame of Love

by Brian Morykon

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released May 10, 2016

Recorded live at Stillwaters Audio:

Brian Morykon - lead vocals, acoustic
Tim Roberts - drums
Brandon Berg - electric, piano
Terry Peoples - bass
Mike Cavell - audio engineer

and later:

Everett & Caroline Hardin - strings
BJ & Lisa Sullivan - bgvs

Mixed by Stephen Price.


Thanks to those at the recording: Joy Morykon, Michael & Sarah Bowman, Stephen & Kate Price, and BJ & Lisa Sullivan.

Cover photo by Justin Mower.


all rights reserved



Brian Morykon Tampa, Florida

Singing from where the living water flows.

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Track Name: Walk Light
Blessed be
God Most High
You loved us
before time

Welcomed us as
Shared with us Your

We were once dead 
now we're alive
Seated in heavenly places with Christ
Our bodies are filled 
with the infinite life of God

Out of this grave 
children of light
Given the blessing of
heaven’s delight
Wearing the robe of the true and the right

Wake up...walk light

Now we stand
by the blood
No more shame
It is done

Free to walk
how you walk
Children of the
living God

We're Your sons, Your daughters  
You're Abba, our Father
Track Name: Flame of Love
Like a gentleman 
You do not barge in
You are waiting for 
an open door

I was shacked up with
Shame and heavyness
Sleeping with the lie
That You are unkind
But this time…

I'm gonna let my heart be touched
Press in towards 
The Flame of Love
Let it burn what keeps me from

Every hour of hurt
Every friend who's turned
Built a wall of stone
Around my soul

You have felt my pain
Man of suffering 
It's Your wounds oh Christ
That make sense of life
That's why…
Track Name: Who I Am
There is a weight
on me like a stone
It comes from knowing
things one can’t unknow
Oh youthful Father
how’d I get so old?

The devil comes
dressed in light
Whispers things
I can’t deny

But oh no
That’s not who I am

This hurt and habit
bound up in my bones
It has me standing
on the sinner’s road

Then the Master comes
with burning eyes
Shares His strength
to turn my mind

And I know
That’s not who I am

I am beloved
Your body and blood has
proved every promise 
You made true

You’ve made a home here
deep in my heart where
my mind can rest 
and be renewed 

You are my Father
I am your son... That’s who I am
Track Name: Peace
Do not be afraid
I am on the waves
They’re under Me
Under Me

Truly I tell you
This you must go through
But not alone
Not alone

Peace, peace to you
Peace to this storm
Peace to your heart
My peace to you

Peace, peace to you
Peace in your heart
Peace in this storm
My peace in you

Let Me in your boat
I am not a ghost
I’m Flesh and Blood
True Flesh and Blood

Have you learned nothing
From the place we’ve been
All that bread
I am the Bread

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