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by Brian Morykon

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Song Inside 04:15
Spirit like a dove You were brooding up above The nest of nothingness Dreaming melodies That would bring us to our knees And hold the worlds together That song’s still humming It’s running Like power through a line It’s ringing, it’s singing Through every starry night It’s moving, it’s wooing, Your melody of light I want to harmonize There is a song inside of me A frozen stream Lord bring your heat Let it run to the sea Back when I was clay In my mama’s womb you gave me A burning in my belly A longing to be known A sickness for my home I know that I ain’t from here I’m from a heavenly country Where everything is right Where Love lights the center There never dawns a night Until it breaks through here I’ll sing with all my might I want to glorify There is a song inside of me A frozen stream Lord bring your heat Let it run to the sea There is a David in this stone Michelangelo, carve away my soul Til I’m your masterpiece There’s a song inside everyone Pulsing like the sun It’s the melody you’re made for You gotta wait, wait, wait for it Wait upon the lord Wait when you wanna run Though the night may be long The morning will come
Wounded Boy 03:34
Wounded boy Who’s hiding in my heart Come on out Stop shouting from the dark See a got a little confused Thought you were the accuser But you were the accused Thought you were the abuser But you were the abused I thought I could reform you Through force and punishment But the only thing that formed Was an angry little kid I forgive my enemy Run to embrace the prodigal me Lord, you let them come So I will not reject the child you love Wounded boy My son, my flesh and blood Your hearts gets scars While daddy learns to love I’m gonna speak a little truth now You are not the things you’re doing I am not the things I’ve done We are sons together Loved with a fiery love The more that we receive it The more that we can give We’ll be the wounded healers Serving the broken bread I forgive my enemy Run to embrace the one in front of me Lord, you let them come So I will not reject the child you love You cannot put to death Flesh by flesh, fear by punishment Only by the Spirit… If you don’t resist I won’t resist
Community 03:52
God is a house The kind when you walk in The smell of fresh baked bread Begins to melt down your defense There on the couch A soul can be at ease Gone the pretense and the fear That you’ll be asked to leave I will make my home in you Make your home in me O sweet Community I am a house In need of tender care By someone unafraid To count the cost of character Someone with time Someone with skill and means Someone with blood and sweat And tears enough To make it his dream You’re a community in yourself You don’t need nobody else You’ve always had enough You just wanted to share the love
Both Alive 04:27
My world is still in darkness On the first day of the week The decay of heart has started The smell of death in me The stone has rolled away But there is nothing here to see Tell me where you laid him The body of my Lord Tell me where you laid the one Who loved me at my worst I need to lay to rest This hope that seemed so sure …what was that? When you said my name I knew it was you Even though you don’t Look like you used to In the garden of my heart You say that single word And I know we’re both alive My feet they took to running I don’t think I touched the ground Field and trees were laughing Sparrows singing out A brand new hallelujah A different kind of song Creation now exhaled out the breath It held in since the fall He told me not to touch him He told me not to cling He said it would be better Much better than we had dreamed He has to fly away So he can give us something more We will be the body I was looking for I’ve seen… I’ve seen… I see When he said my name I knew it was true Even though he don’t Look like he used to In the garden of my heart He says a single word And I know we’re both... Alive You are resurrection You are the life You are the assurance that we’ll never die And never be alone And never be without And never go through anything You can’t craft into a crown Our scars your glory Your scars our light That illuminate the days When the sun won’t rise We’ll raise a cup of worship To the ever-living King Who died, who rose, who raises up We sing
Not as the world gives See my peace is built to last There will be trouble You might feel like I have left Til the end of the age, I will be with you always Til you pass through the grave I will be with you always Have no doubt about where I will be I’ll be with you Will you be with me Hold to the promise It will be better if I go Cause I walked beside you But now I’m making you my home I have never left you I will never leave My presence is available Oh just receive I have never left I will never leave In your darkest hour In your driest season
Dry Bones 04:42
Been this way for so long Losing faith that it can change Who’d have thought that you could Get addicted to the shame When it pours day after day You start to normalize the rain In the cracks of my soul That haven’t seen the light Wild thoughts like animals Are known to breed and hide When I lie down in my bed They try to drag me to the night But I ain’t gonna lie down and take it Ain’t gonna walk out and fake it I will bow down and raise a song Til these dry bones wake By the breath of God I can see it in my kids The inherited mistakes Always crouching at my door The lie that it’s too late Some impossible ideal Wants me to be its slave I ain’t gonna lie down and take it Ain’t gonna walk out and fake it I will rise up and raise a song Til these dry bones dance By the breath of God I was pushed hard I was falling down In my distress I cried out The Lord heard my call He set me free God’s on my side Fear get behind me This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it This is the day that the Lord has made I’m gonna find the joy in it
Adonai 04:05
Adonai In desperation, Lord You heard my cry When storms roll in You are my place to hide I’m safe inside Adonai No one but you Can truly satisfy All other fountains Always end up dry You know I’ve tried Adonai You are my life, my death You are my energy and my rest You are my hunger and my bread... Jesus You are the door, the road You are the way we’re made to go Walking in you I’m at home Adonai The blessing that I seek Is in Your eyes My heart is restless Til I’m by Your side Help me abide Master, Savior, humble Leader I’m the student you’re the Teacher I will give you my attention When I drift bring me to my senses
Clinging 05:15
Thought I knew what you were doing That I heard what you said We were clinging to the promise You knew we were Now the promise is dead We were rolling along Blue skies, open road Feeling the wind Your heart so close This was the moment We waited for Now here we are With you Lord Then the storm rolled up From behind It took us by Surprise The rain came in The brakes went out We were spinning... I got no control I guess I never did It’s just now I know And I’m feeling it But I ain’t gonna hide from you Gonna look you in the eyes Not through I’m done asking why I just want to know You’re crying with me Saying my name Sharing my pain Catching the tears To make a redemption rain
This is my prayer That you be filled with power Not the power to do All that needs to be done That’ll come, that’ll come But the power to know In the depths of your soul What it is to be known Really known and loved By the Father through the Son Such knowledge is too much May your heart be like a tree Rooted in this mystery ‘Til you overflow with God


released December 7, 2021

Written by Brian Morykon
Produced by Stephen Price

Drums: Al Sergel
Guitars: Luke Skaggs
Keys: Joel Khouri
Bass: Nick Edwards
Piano: Chad Lawson


all rights reserved



Brian Morykon Lynchburg, Virginia

Singing from where the living water flows.

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