The Smallest Seed

by Brian Morykon

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released December 18, 2012

Music and lyrics by Brian Morykon
Produced by Luke Skaggs
Engineered by Stephen Price
Mixed by Stephen Price at Skaggs Place, Hendersonville, TN
Mastered by Glenn Tabor at Gat3 Studios, Charlotte, NC
Recorded at Upper Room Chapel, Fort Mill, SC
Cover art & layout by Jeremy Zachary based on drawings by Jacob Zachary.


all rights reserved



Brian Morykon Tampa, Florida

Singing from where the living water flows.

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Track Name: Be Kind
Be kind to one another
Jesus will show you how
You’ve got to keep those words of life in your heart
So they’ll spill right out of your mouth

Be gentle with your brother
Jesus will show you how
You’ve got to choose to bless your enemies
Even those that live in your house

Jesus, You are the only One
Who has loved with a perfect love
The same Spirit that filled Your words and deeds
Has come to live in me

Be kind to one another
Jesus will show you how
Let forgiveness be shown where it's never been known
Where no light has been until now

Be gentle with your sister
Jesus will show you how
And if her trespass be real let her come further still
Lift her up where mercy comes down
Track Name: Song of Redemption
I've heard what You said
I've seen what You did
But You should know by now we can't live like that

I'll sign the card
I'll take the gift
But don't expect no more, I've got a life to live

Then the Kingdom comes
Into this heart of stone
It turns the ground of thorn into soft clay
You grew the smallest seed
Into the largest tree
It spreads it's wings, the bird nests and sings
His song of redemption I still hear it ring

I trust in You
To take care of the End
But I think I've got it covered between now and then

You say the poor
They shall be blessed
That's a mighty fine idea, but let's be serious
Track Name: Everlasting Love
Your Kingdom is a gentle kiss
Of sweet shalom and righteousness
The world will see You in our love
Lord into us Your Kingdom come

We're not condemned to death and sin
We'll not be slaves to fear again
If God is for who is against?
He wants to give us all good gifts

What can separate us from His love?
Not things today or things to come
Even death is swallowed up
In His everlasting love

Now may we suffer like the Christ
With hope and joy set in our sights
Our insides groan for all things right
Lord make us Your redeeming lights
Track Name: Receive
Oh what kind of love is this
That Light Himself would call us kids
Love, for we have first been loved
As we love God rests on us
Like the dove on Jesus

Stay and seek
Drink Him Deep
He’s given us all we need
Rest and receive

Heart, when you judge yourself
Move in love toward someone else
Then you’ll be calm and clear
Where love is there is no fear
God is near...God is here

This is our testimony
the life is in the Son
His law is on our hearts now
It is not burdensome
Track Name: Do You Want to Be Well
No one up there likes me
No one down here cares
By this pool of healing
But it only stirs up my despair

Spent my whole life dreaming
Of what I might have been
My problem is a prison
I guess I've settled in

When is my life gonna change
When am I gonna get a break
If I could just get in
Life would be good I'm sure of it

Do you want to be well

Just what kind of question
Are you asking me
I've spent years beside this bed just
Waiting for someone to deliver me


If I said to you
Take your bed leave this pool
When the new wears off what will you do

Will you lay and reminisce
About the days when you were sick
Praying take me back to Egypt
Track Name: Fear of God
Fear of God is not like fear of man
It brings freedom, peace and rest
First the Voice from the cloud puts you flat on your face
Then it says, "rise be not afraid"
That's the fear of God
That's the fear of God
It's the start of love

You gotta let go of what you need to know
He'll bring you in to the secret place
Show you something you can't explain

Fear of God means you're free to love
No man can take what comes from above
When the game is over there's only one Judge
With eyes of fire and robe of blood
And His name is Just
And His name is Love
Will you let yourself be loved?

You gotta let go of what you need to know
He'll bring you in to the secret place
Show you something you can't explain

Do not trust your eyes
To discern wrong from right
Just eat from the Tree of Life

I've tried so hard to do this on my own
I'm letting go
I don't need to understand
I'm letting go
Track Name: Prodigal Son / Long Walk Home
Working so hard so long, I am elder son
Brother has come home but I'm still gone
Traded a righteous robe for rags of rules
My soul is starved, I need Your food

Father I have sinned
I want to come in
My striving is done
Please help me receive
Your love is my feast
I am the prodigal son

Everything You said I've always done
Like a fearful slave earning love
What do I have to do to make you happy?
My son, my son, you're always with me

I can hear my thick skin cracking
The sound it makes is laughter
Is this what I've been so afraid of?
It's where the wounds reopen
That Love has room to come in
Track Name: Last Possible Moment
I make my journey up the hill
Heart pounding poised to kill what I love most
You... You give and then You take
On what grounds can I complain?
But I can still appeal to grace

You step in at the last possible moment

We... We are sinking and afraid

Though waves have crushed our faith
We can still shake you awake

I was right there when dark birds swooped in
and ripped apart my precious dove
She was left for dead
I hung my head
Faith and hope had gone but Love... You... stepped in
Track Name: What Can I Do
Please give me grace to be weak
The moment I'm strong I get up and leave
Where am I going in such a rush anyway
My heart tap of love is running dry
Tried to fix it myself and clogged my mind
I'm knee deep and need Your touch to put things right

What can I do apart from You?

I made a god of self-control
Worshipped my will like it saved my soul
Made sacrifices but nothing satisfied it
Where is that 12 step meeting place
for addicts high on their own ways
I'm ready to surrender

I can build my house on the sand
A fragile façade where I can pretend
until one strong blow of your wind
I am left standing without any walls
And the Wind that just broke me breathes in my soul
the Breath of Life... oh…
Track Name: Awakening
You touched my eyes I saw tonight
The beauty that's with me all the time... but I was blind
You shot me with the gun of awakening
My whole life flashed in front of me
Your goodness was shining out from every scene
The sun rose up on the canyon of my heart
Even darkness is not dark with You

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